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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here!
5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here!
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  • Fantastic Products Found In A Beehive – Part 2

    Fantastic Products Found In A Beehive – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we went over a few of the different supplies that are found in beehives and how they can be beneficial to both bees and humans. We reviewed just how helpful beeswax and pollen both are when it comes to what they provide for both bees and humans. While these two extra ingredients are extremely beneficial, they are not the only ones that we use from the hive. In our post today we are going to visit three more components of the beehive, one of them being the most commonly thought of ingredient: honey. Aside from that, we will review the ways that royal jelly and propolis play a part in the honey making process and how they are used long after the hive has done its job.

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  • Does Royal Jelly Make a Queen?

    Does Royal Jelly Make a Queen?

    Royal jelly. A majestic, sumptuous name for what is very much akin to worker bee snot.

    Secreted from glands in the heads of nurse bee proles, this milky-colored, protein-rich substance is created for the sup of the newly-hatched Apis mellifera. While it is just a limited-time garnish for the ‘beebread’ (fermented pollen) and honey diet of young worker bees, the queen feeds exclusively on this luxury foodstuff.

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