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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here
5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here

Bee Smart Robbing Screen

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The Ultimate Universal IPM Robbing Screen from Bee Smart Designs© is designed for ease of use, practicality and it works great with the Ultimate Bottom Board.


Weight .75 lbs

Dimensions 15 × 5 × 1 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Linda Dunkum
Bee Smart Robbing Screen

They are ingenious! Fit my 10 frame hive bodies exactly. Let’s me feed the bees with a clear conscience, knowing I’m not causing their destruction by marauding neighbors. The push pins are nice idea, also. Thank you very much.

Todd Holmer
Robbing Screen

These screens are easy to install and it seems to stopped the robbing instantly. I would purchase more before the robbing season next year. A++

Robin Poe
Help for a weaker hive

I ordered one for each hive, but I put one of them on a weaker hive first. We don't have much robbing right now, but the yellow jackets are fierce this summer, and I don't want them to get into the hive. It was easy to adjust the screen for my 8-frame hive (just snap off the ears). It installed easily using the push pins. The bees kind of bunched up at the entrance of the hive, but after a while, they found the gate on the top. It took a few orienting flights. I think the robbing screen will make a happier hive!

Brian Rader
Hives saved!

The bee smart robbing screens saved my hives.
We are in a dearth here in western NC. Robbing had started with fighting and dead bees. Great design easy to install! Highly recommend them!

David Schou
Worst Moving Screen

This is the worst moving screen. Push pins pathetic. They do not hold screen in place. It needs to be screwed in for the screen to be secure to hive otherwise pins fall out. Plus when used once they warp/bow at the top allowing thousands of bees to escape. Very poor design. Push pin r the same as u can get at $ store. Do not waste your money. Not worth the stings & loss of bees.