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Custom Made Ventilated Cloth Beekeeping Suit


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Since 2007 beekeeping has become a very popular hobby in America and across the world. People of all sizes and shapes have decided to become part of this noble hobby. The problem is that many of the stock beekeeping suits and jackets don’t fit everyone’s body type perfectly. We are very proud to offer custom bee suits to meet the needs of these wonderful beekeepers. COMPELTION WILL TAKE 4-8 WEEKS.

Weight 6 lbs

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Schenk
Terrible service, terrible communication, expensive piece of crap

I should be able to give zero stars or a negative star count. I ordered my custom suit in April. Late I know, however this was my first year doing bees. I’m a big guy and tried on several before finding this website. I had a tailor measure me and then added a couple inches to every measurement requested. Sent in order, money taken from my account, and think all is well. Nowhere on their site at that time said suits take 6-8 weeks. I call a few weeks later after several failed email and Facebook message attempts, to learn this. More time goes by, it’s June now. Took several attempts to get anyone on the phone, and when I do l, I learn that the person making the suits is being slow. No apologies offered whatsoever. Fast forward to August 3, and I receive an email that my suit has finally shipped. I wait with excitement and receive said package a few days later. Joy turns to immediate disappointment. Right off the bat, I ordered a round veil on mine and received a fencing veil. No big deal, I’m still safe from stings. I go to try it on, boom giant problems. It doesn’t fit. I went and reviewed my measurements and have the tailor remeasure. Find out I’ve actually lost a couple inches so it should be loose right. Tailor measured suit and it’s nowhere close. I call on the following Monday, the lady said I wasn’t the only one with a custom suit problem. Says they will send my measurements to the “new” guy and have it remade and to keep the current wrong one. It is now November, I haven’t seen the new suit nor heard anything. The suit they sent, the zipper got snagged in the cloth and ripped out half a dozen teeth and now it won’t zip anymore. I feel as I’m out $300 now for nothing. I’m hoping you read this and don’t make the same mistake I made.