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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here
5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here

Unassembled Woodenware - 10 Frame

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Start Your Beehive With This High-Quality Select Grade 10-frame Woodenware


  • Made from heavy-duty yellow pine
  • Select grade pine means no knots and cracks
  • Box joints insure a fit!
  • Choose Deep, Medium, or Shallow


Start your new beehive the right way with our high-quality 10-frame brood chamber. Made from commercial grade pine wood, it has solid knots and tight cracks, ensuring stability and protection for your new hive. The deep hive body guarantees security, and the recessed handles allow you to transport it easily with minimal disruption. We offer assembly for all of our boxes, at just $2.00 per box. 

In addition to our 10-frame brood chambers, we carry 5-frame brood chambers and 8-frame brood chambers. We also offer fully assembled brood chambers, which are available in 10-frame and 8-frame.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Unassembled Woodenware - 10 Frame

The woodenware was really well cut - it fit together very tightly. Only one small shaving was necessary on one piece and one piece was very slightly bowed. All the other pieces (7) were perfect. Thank you for the quality!

Sally Greiner
Expanding our hive

Every thing fit perfectly!!

don payne
10 frame hive body

very good packing and quick shipping

lawrence scarboro

Unassembled Woodenware - 10 Frame

jason Williamson
Trash, literally recieved the worst wood possible.

Both sets were terribly warped like they had been sitting in the rain for two months. Even after gluing ,nailing and clamping for 2 days they still wouldnt sit flat and had terribly bowed ends. I really dont see how anyone could think they could be used for any reasonable super. Very unsatisfied.