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Beehive frames are a necessary part of modern beekeeping. At Blythewood Bee Company, we carry a variety of frames and beekeeping supplies so that you can get your job done well. You will find frames made from wood or plastic and in various sizes so that you can get the frame that fits with the rest of your supplies.

Materials That Uphold Their Worth

Blythewood Bee Company provides you with the highest quality materials on the market. You can count on each of the frames and the supplies that they come with, to uphold their value and making your beekeeping experience even better.

Wooden Frames: Our wooden beehive frames are manufactured from high-quality select pine that is easily assembled without splitting the wood. The frames will give you years of service in your apiary.

Plastic Frames: Blythewood Bee Company carries only Acorn Frames in its inventory. Acorn beekeeping frames are far more defined and deeper than the competition. They are also TRIPLE WAXED to give you far greater acceptance. The frame rests are also stronger so you don’t have to worry about broken ends on the frames which cause complete loss of the frame.