10 Frame Beekeeping Moisture Board

10 Frame Beekeeping Moisture Board


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Keep Your Bees Safe And Sound During The Winter Months With This Beekeeping Moisture Board


  • Suitable for any climate
  • Available¬†for 8-frame and 10-frame equipment
  • Designed for cross-flow ventilation


Over the winter, bees naturally maintain the proper temperature within the hive by clustering together. This beekeeping moisture board allows for cross-flow ventilation and helps to draw in additional moisture that is created by the bees. Vapors in the hive will be captured within the moisture board to be evaporated away. It helps keep your bees dry and prevents freezing or drowning due to excess moisture in the hive. It is easy to use; simply place the moisture board on top of the inner cover, then cover the moisture board with an outer cover. It works for any climate and fits 8-frame and 10-frame equipment.

This moisture board works great in conjunction with our wooden inner cover or our screened inner cover.

Hive Size

8 Frame, 10 Frame


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