10-frame Brood Chamber

10-frame Brood Chamber


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Start Your Beehive With This High-Quality 10-frame Brood Chamber


  • Made from heavy-duty  yellow pine
  • Commercial grade pine means tight knots and cracks
  • Deep hive body (9 5/8″)
  • Box joints ensure a tight secure fit


Start your new beehive the right way with our high-quality 10-frame brood chamber. Made from commercial grade pine wood, it has solid knots and tight cracks, ensuring stability and protection for your new hive. The deep hive body guarantees security, and the in-built recessed handles allow you to transport it easily with minimal disruption. We offer assembly for all of our boxes, at just $2.00 per box.

In addition to our 10-frame brood chambers, we carry 5-frame brood chambers and 8-frame brood chambers. We also offer fully assembled brood chambers, which are available in 10-frame and 8-frame form.

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions17 × 11 × 8 in

Assembled, Unassembled