10-frame Garden Hive Kit

10-frame Garden Hive Kit


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Our Beautiful 10-frame Garden Hive Kit Is Perfect For Beginner Beekeepers

Our 10-frame garden hive kit arrives fully assembled. All you need to do is add paint and a package of bees and you’re good to go. This kit includes the following equipment, listed from the bottom to the top of the hive:

  • Your choice of bottom boards
  • Entrance reducer
  • Deep hive body
  • Acorn plastic beeswax foundation
  • Inner cover
  • 10-frame garden beehive cover

The bottom board acts as the base of your hive. It supports every other component, so it is important that it’s strong and durable. Our solid bottom board is made of high-quality pine wood. You can also choose another of our bottom boards, including this high-quality screened bottom board. This is also a great feeder for summer or early fall, during a nectar shortage. Our deep hive body is where you house your bee colony. It is crucial that your hive body is strong and durable, and ours are made with select grade Southern yellow pine. Acorn plastic beeswax foundation is the best foundation available. Your bees will use it as a foundation on which they build their honeycomb, and Acorn’s triple waxing technique means that they will accept it right away. The inner cover is insulated and keeps the bees from gluing down the telescoping lid with propolis. Our cover is made with ultra-durable yellow pine and plywood. The stylish 10-frame garden beehive cover sits on top of your hive. Constructed with yellow pine and faux copper, this cover is lightweight and built to last. It is the perfect way to round off our gorgeous 10-frame garden hive kit.


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