100 Count Case Acorn White Plastic Foundation (Medium)

100 Count Case Acorn White Plastic Foundation (Medium)


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100 Count Acorn Medium White Triple-Waxed Plastic Foundation Features: Triple wax coating High-quality plastic Precision molded cells Super-rigid non-warping technology Use: Foundation is the template on which your bees build their honeycomb, and Acorn triple-waxed plastic foundation is the best available. Acorn cells are deeper and more defined than the competition. They are coated with the most wax in the industry, so that your colonies can take to them quickly. What’s more, all Acorn Plastic Foundations have an optional breakaway communication hole to enable easy movement among the frames. At checkout, you can choose between two colors, two sizes, and three wax depths.

Weight45 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 9 in


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