2018 Carniolan Nucleus Beehives For Sale (NUC)


Get your 5 Frame Nuc on order today! We have a limited supply of very high quality nucs that will be packed with bees and a laying queen and ready to be transferred into your equipment.


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A NUC is five frames of bees.   A “NUC” is short for the word NUCLEUS which means the “center” of a hive. The NUC is a partially drawn out hive that has taken the bees about 6 weeks of work to accomplish. Most of the frames are new, and can easily be to be transferred into a larger 8 or 10 frame hive. YOU KEEP THE NUC THAT COMES WITH YOUR BEES. Each NUC has a new Queen and most of the bees are her offspring. 


Please make sure you have completely read the requirements below and understand the costs before ordering your NUC.


Delivery Schedule:

  • The 1st delivery of 200 nucs will be the 4-13, the 2nd week in April. Weather can either delay or accelerate when they will be ready. (SOLD OUT!) Future orders will be for the 4/27 date
  • The 2nd delivery of 200 nucs will be 4-27, the 4th week of April. Again weather can either delay or accelerate when they will be ready.

Submitting and paying for your order on this website means you agree, understand and will comply with the information contained in the document. This information is extremely important! Ordering mistakes will be your responsibility.

  • 2018 NUC Are $165.00 Each

  • NOTE: Payment in full will be required prior to picking up your bees.
  • Our bees are Carniolan strain bees. They have been raised and bred from low-country stock.
  • A NUC is 5 deep 9 5/8 frames with bees a new queen bee and her brood of all ages.
  • The frame’s size for the NUC is standard deep hive body frame 9 1/8 inches high.
  • Please: do not return any frames in the NUC box. Thank you….. but we don’t need them.
  • All orders are first come first serve! We apologize, but will more than likely sell out due to the quality of these nucs. To avoid disappointment, we suggest you place your order as soon as possible.
  • When you order your bees on this website and pay for them here, you are guaranteed to get your bees.
  • Please: realize that if you order NUC(s) You are responsible for picking up the Bees. If you order NUC(s) for friends and something happens You own the bees. Thank you all so much for your support and understanding!
  • CANCELLATION FEE FOR NUC ORDERS: All orders are subject to a cancellation fee per NUC. 
  • Please take into consideration our time and effort in preparation to get the NUCs ready! 
  • The cancellation fee for any NUC canceled after January 1st, 2016 is $50 per NUC.
  • Would you like your NUC installed in your equipment or a nuc cardboard box? There is a $5 charge for each NUC installation requested, and your equipment must arrive before 12:00 pm (Noon) on the day of pick-up. For your convenience and ours, you may drop your equipment off a few weeks or days in advance this is the best for you and us. Please bring screened bottom board, hive body, 5 frames with foundation in them, inner cover and telescoping top also a rachet strap to hold the hive together when it is being moved.
  • NUCS have varied delivery dates. Please plan accordingly.
  •  NUCs are ready to be moved/picked-up at dark….. because all of the bees are home for the night. Depending upon the season the time can vary from 7:30 to 8:50 pm. Please take Bees straight to their new home.
  • Please plan ahead: Get all of your equipment ready before the nuc is to be picked up.
  • You will receive a thank you letter / order confirmation about 5 minutes after you submit your order form to the email address that you gave us with the information you need to keep this letter it has information that you need.
  • Beekeeping is a form of agriculture and is subject to the whims of Mother Nature. 
  • We will contact you  as soon as your nuc is ready.

 Thank you for taking care of the bees!!