American Foul Brood Kit (AFB)

American Foul Brood Kit (AFB)


Just what you need to test your hives if you suspect American Foulbrood. Easy to use and rapid testing.

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Our American Foulbrood (AFB) Testing Kit Produces Definitive Results


  • Produces results on par with laboratories
  • Provides results in 1-3 minutes
  • Single-use, throw-away test


Our American foulbrood (AFB) testing kit is the best way to find out if your honey bee larvae are infected. AFB is the most serious bacterial disease of honey bee brood, so if you see signs, such as the larvae turning a chocolate-brown color instead of white, you should test your hive as soon as possible. The infection is extremely contagious, and can easily transfer to beekeeping equipment used on the hive, as well as beekeepers’ hands. Our AFB testing kit provides laboratory-level test results in between one and three minutes. Once you’ve completed the test, the kit can be thrown away. If you suspect you have multiple infected hives, you’ll need to buy multiple kits. If your larvae are more of an off-white color rather than brown, they may be infected with European foulbrood (EFB), a similar – but less serious – infection. We also sell European foulbrood testing kits.

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