Cutt’s Hive Beetle Blaster

Cutt’s Hive Beetle Blaster


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Blast Hive Beetles To Oblivion With Cutt’s Hive Beetle Blaster


  • Efficient & eco-friendly
  • Easy-to-use & disposable
  • Affordable pest solution


Cutt’s Hive Beetle Blaster is a small hive beetle trap, which was developed by Laurence Cutts; a lifelong beekeeper from Florida. This trap is guaranteed to control this beekeeping pest, which is also known as Aethina Tumida, and has become a nuisance to beekeepers far and wide. To use, simply half-fill the trap with mineral oil and hang it between the two top bar frames. As the bees chase the beetles, they will try to hide in the trap. Once the trap is full, remove and throw away.

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