Select Grade Medium Super

Select Grade Medium Super


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Start Your New Hive With This Select Grade Medium Super


  • Made of select grade yellow pine
  • Available assembled for just $2.00 extra
  • Available for 5-frames, 8-frames, and 10-frames


Get your new hive off to a great start with this top-quality select grade medium super. The super is where your bees will be producing honey, so it’s important that your super is of a high standard. Our medium super is made of select grade yellow pine, meaning minimal imperfections and only small knots, which guarantees safety and security for your hive. This super is available assembled or unassembled, with the assembled version costing just $2.00 extra. Frames and foundations are sold separately.

We also sell pre-assembled Medium Super Kits, which are made with premium materials and designed for beekeepers at all levels of experience.

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions20 × 9.25 × 9.50 in

Assembled + $2.00, Unassembled


10 Frame, 8 Frame, 5 Frame