Plastic Queen Grafting Tool

Plastic Queen Grafting Tool


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Take The Intimidation Out Of Queen Grafting With This Plastic Queen Grafting Tool


  • Flexible bamboo tip
  • Intuitive spring-loaded feature
  • Strong, lightweight plastic construction


Make grafting simple and straightforward with this plastic queen grafting tool. This traditional Chinese grafting tool is among the most widely used queen grafting tools in all of beekeeping. The thin plastic tip slides up and under larvae, before releasing them when the spring-loaded end is pushed. The bamboo tip allows the eggs to slide right off. For best results, ensure that the bamboo tip is softened prior to use, by wetting it with warm water. This makes the tip more malleable, and easier to slide under the larvae.

This plastic grafting tool works great in conjunction with our JZs BZs Queen Cell Cups and our Queen Bee Marking Pens. We also carry a Stainless Steel Grafting Tool, for those of you that are more accustomed to a European-style queen grafting tool.

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