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Beekeeper Uncapping Frames Figurine


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Beekeeper Uncapping Beehive Frames Figurine: Unique Beekeeping Decorative Piece

Product Description

Introducing the Beekeeper Uncapping Beehive Frames Figurine, a distinct beekeeping ornament that makes an exceptional gift for your favorite beekeeper, or an outstanding decoration for your own beekeeping collection! This figure beautifully encapsulates a beekeeper in the initial phase of honey extraction - uncapping the frames. This crucial step not only facilitates the production of the sweet honey for our consumption but also enables the honeybees to expand their hive during the spring bloom.


  • Unique beekeeper uncapping beehive frames figurine – an ideal gift for beekeepers
  • Perfect decoration for your beekeeping collection
  • Artistically portrays the initial phase of honey extraction
  • Fine detail and a realistic net veil for added authenticity
  • Made of durable cast resin

Note: This figurine measures 8-1/2" high by 5-1/2" by 4".