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10 frame Plastic Pollen Trap (Orange & White)


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Introducing the 10-Frame Pollen Trap - the essential beekeeping accessory designed to effortlessly collect fresh, natural pollen from your hives. This user-friendly pollen trap is perfect for beekeepers of all levels seeking to maximize their harvest while maintaining a healthy colony.

Our Pollen Trap is specially designed to fit 10-frame hives and features a non-invasive mechanism that allows bees to pass through while gently collecting pollen from their legs. The durable construction ensures long-lasting use, and the removable pollen tray allows for easy collection and cleaning.

To use the 10-Frame Pollen Trap, simply:

  1. Install the trap at the hive entrance.
  2. Monitor the pollen collection and enjoy the abundance of pure, natural pollen.
  3. Remove the pollen tray to harvest and clean it regularly.

By using this pollen trap, you're not only enhancing your beekeeping experience, but also reaping the benefits of natural pollen, which can be used for various health and nutritional purposes. Give your apiary a boost and experience the difference this 10-Frame Pollen Trap can make. Try this remarkable product today and enjoy a more fruitful beekeeping journey!