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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here
5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here

Guardian Beehive Entrance

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The “Guardian” is a patented technology that keeps small hive beetles from entering a beehive by masking the entrance. The “Guardian” also uses red light technology that has been proven to detour the small hive beetle and disrupts their invasive efforts. Installation of the Guardian is simple and adapts to any beehive configuration from 10 and 8 frame Langstroth, as well as 5 frame nucleus colonies. The Guardian gives your bees a fighting chance against the threat of small hive beetles.

Wondering if it works? Check Out These Videos:


Weight .50 lbs

Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 in

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Guardian Beehive Entrance

Guardian Beehive Entrance

Guardian Beehive Entrance works better than anything else I've seen against hive beetles. Great product, prompt delivery, and good customer service.

How do I install the “ Guardian Beehive entrances” ? With the Honeycomb

How do I install the guardian beehive entrance? With the honeycomb-like floor inside toward the frames or as an outside welcoming matt? Or something my bees have to crawl under. It’s not obviously apparent.

Hi Roger. It installs on your entrance reducer. You would put the 'honeycomb' floor at the top. Make sure that when you install the guardian on your entrance reducer make sure that it sits level with the bottom of the reducer. Here is a good video to help you understand more about how to install the product.


The Entrance design assumes that the hive has a hive entrance reducer, which my hive does not have. There is no way to attached this Entrance without modifying the hive entrance, which I did.

Excellent product! Very easy to install

Great entrance especially to prevent hive beetles. Very easy to install my 5 year even did a few to help.