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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here

Guardian Beehive Upper Entrance

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Guardian Beehive Upper Entrance Protector


The “Guardian Beehive Upper Entrance Protector” is a patented technology that keeps small hive beetles from entering a beehive by masking the entrance. The “Guardian” also uses red light technology that has been proven to detour the small hive beetle and disrupts their invasive efforts. Installation of the Guardian is simple and adapts to any beehive configuration from 10 and 8 frame Langstroth, as well as 5 frame nucleus colonies. The Guardian gives your bees a fighting chance against the threat of small hive beetles.

This product is the brother product of the Guardian Beehive Entrance device that mounts to your entrance reducer on your bottom board. 


  • Made From Durable Impact Resistant Red Plastic
  • Red Light Technology Deturance
  • Device Allows Bee In And Keeps BEETLES OUT!
  • Two Mounting Holes Built Into Unit


Wondering if it works? Check Out These Videos:


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Does what I wanted

This makes a great rain shield for my top entrance hives. I may have to make a small modification as the bees seem to have a hard time finding the entrance with the built-in beetle guard. No big deal as I have never had SHB's here.

Earl Young
Seems like it will work.

Have not used the product as of yet, but I bought it due to the reviews. Looks like it will work.

Robert Bridges
Venting for the bees

It's hot and my bees are not happy. I read about the Gaurdian upper entrance device, They were inexpensive so I thought I would try them out. I bought several. The only work involved was to drill a 3/4 inch hole then attach the entrance device. They really are helping. There aren't as many bees cooling off outside of the hives, plus they have been going inside earlier. Definitely a good investment. I also bought several of the entrance devices to help control the small hive beetle problem. Guess what, they are working. I have been seeing shb on the landing board, but not able to get inside. Pretty cool devices.

Donald Mullikin
Guardian Beehive upper entrance

Works great, bees took to it right out of the box like they had it always. Firs perfectly too.

Lowcountry Beekeeper
Guardian Upper Entrance

Works great for providing an upper entrance for ventilation and to alleviate congestion at the front entrance and keeps out the hive beetles at the same time.