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Queen Excluder Entrance Guards


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Queen Excluder Entrance Guards


Have you ever experience a queen leaving a hive with all or most of your honeybees? Well we have too and we decided to do something about it. This neat gadget will keep a queen from leaving the hive. We've created an Queen Excluder Entrance that will keep her from swarming and leaving the hive when you've added a new package to your existing equipment. 


  • We have both 8 and 10 Frame Versions
  • Made With Stainless Steel Queen Excluder Material
  • Wooden Frame Made From Durable Yellow Pine



8 Frame: 12.12in x 2.5in x 1.25in
Weight: .5 Lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Phillip Thomas
My queens will never be the same...

This clever entrance reducer that keeps queens in and lets the rest of the ladies out to do their work is perfect for me…I use it for swarms and other special occasions…nice quality, easy to use…good value!

David Young
Great Idea!!!

These are a great idea, and are made really well. I have a Flowhive 2 and it has a small slope to the landing board which would not allow the front of the Excluder Entrance Guard to be flush with the front of the hive. Not a big problem that sanding a matching slope to the excluder won’t fix. After sanding the slope onto the excluder stands. It sits well on the slopes landing board, and is flush against the brood box too. It’s going to work excellently now.

Travis Threatt

Queen Excluder Entrance Guards

Worked as intended

I used to keep a queen in the hive after a swarm was captured and placed in a hive box. Forager bees figured out how to get in the hive with little problem. Bees bringing in pollen had some difficulty trying to get thru upper openings usually traveling down to the landing board level to make the entry into the hive. Removed after about 5 days and I knew the queen had made the hive her home.

John Goodner
Queen Excluder Entrance Guard

Great product! No swarm!