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Wooden Bee Hive Pollen Trap


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  • Tray
  • Made From Yellow Pine
  • Select Grade Wood
  • Edge hooks for easy attachment
  • Will Last For Years

Gather Pollen With Ease Using Our Wooden Bee Hive Pollen Trap


Gather and collect pollen using this simple wooden entrance pollen trap. A pollen trap is a device that fits over the hive entrance and forces returning foragers to crawl through small openings to enter the hive. The openings are so small that some of the pollen pellets are stripped of the bees’ legs and fall into a collection tray. Our pollen trap hooks easily onto any 10-frame hive and allows you to collect excess pollen without interrupting your bees.

We also carry a plastic version of this entrance pollen trap. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy-duty, check out our Sundance Pollen Trap.


10 Frame: 3.5 lbs
8 Frame: 3.00 lbs


10 Frame: 9 × 15.25 × 3.75 in
8 Frame 9 x 12.62 x 3.75

Select Size 8 Frame, 10 Frame

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brian Chrisman
Ordered these and they canceled my order

Tried to buy 3 of these. Internet said 3 in stock. A day later canceled my order. Emailed for explanation...crickets.

So much for trying to support someone other then Mann Lake and Dadant


Great quality 👌

Frederick Dunn
Very effective, Long Lasting, Convenient Landing Board Mount

It's about time that I got around to reviewing this pollen collection trap.
After using these for years, I'm back for more units.
The wood design is very effective as it's heavy enough that you can just place it on the landing board without having to screw it to the hive. (screw holes are pre-drilled if you need them)
The pollen trap insert does a great job of permitting foragers to get through while causing the pollen to drop off of their legs.
The drawer that collects the pollen is completely enclosed and protected from sun, rain, and robbing bee interest.
Convenient- I can leave the trap housing on the hive and simply remove the wooden drawer when not collecting the pollen.
After years of testing and observation, this is now my favorite pollen collection trap for sporadically collecting small batches of pollen when you need it.
Yes, I recommend this very well designed trap.

Claudia Cowart
New Pollen Trap

After easy installation, I realized that the bees could come and go through a designated hole on each side of the trap. That lets drones and other workers out without going through the yellow pollen "gate". Those workers that choose to go through the yellow gate (not removable) drop their pollen nicely. Therefore you are not getting 100% of the pollen, I guesstimate about 50%. That 50% is good because during the 24 - 48 hrs I leave it on, the remainder of the pollen still goes to the good of the hive. So in summary, I like this one!

richard j dimanin
Very well built

Sturdy. Have to wait till spring to eval performance