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Ceracell Round Comb Double Decker Frame Refill Kit

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Product Description

Looking to refill your Ceracell Super for another season of comb honey production? We've got you covered. Our Ceracell Round Super Refill Kit is packed with all the essentials you need. The kit includes 64 rings, 32 opaque covers, 32 clear covers, and eight sheets of thin foundation, enabling you to produce exquisite comb honey easily.

Note: Please note that the Super and Frames are not included in this kit.


  • Contains 64 rings for comb production
  • Includes 32 opaque covers and 32 clear covers for visibility and protection
  • Comes with eight sheets of wireless thin foundation for ideal honeycomb structure
  • Will work with both Ceracell and Ross Round kits.
  • Perfect for beekeepers looking to produce comb honey

Get your Ceracell Round Super Refill Kit today and continue your journey in producing delightful comb honey!