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Beekeeping Supplies & Services

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Beekeeping Supplies & Services

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Honeybee Removal Service

We remove swarms and extract honeybees live.

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Beekeeping Supplies & Services

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Bee Removal

14 years of experience in efficient and humane removal.


  • Beekeeping and Entrepreneurship

    Beekeeping and Entrepreneurship

    Beekeeping, once perceived as a rustic craft, has transformed into a thriving avenue for entrepreneurial ventures. This convergence of tradition and innovation within the apiary industry unveils a world of opportunities. Let’s dive into the realm where beekeeping meets entrepreneurship, exploring the rich tapestry of possibilities and insights into this fascinating amalgamation.

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    • Concise Guide to Using a Cloake Board for Queen Rearing

      Concise Guide to Using a Cloake Board for Queen Rearing

      The blog post introduces the 10 Frame Cloak Board, a beekeeping tool designed for efficient queen rearing, ideal for both novice and experienced beekeepers. It highlights its innovative design, including a wooden frame with an extra entrance and a grooved interior for a metal tray. The post explains how this board simplifies the queen rearing process, enabling beekeepers to raise high-quality queens with minimal hive disturbance. It also provides a step-by-step guide on using the Cloake Board and outlines its benefits, such as ease of use, efficient queen production, and the ability to select for desirable bee traits. The conclusion emphasizes the Cloake Board as a vital tool in modern beekeeping.
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