Bee Keeping Supplies

Your complete range of top-quality beekeeping equipment and supplies to serve every amateur and professional beekeepers’ need

Honey Products

Delicious raw, unfiltered honey, harvested fresh from far-away fields and our own South Carolinian hives

Bee Removal Services

Got bees where they shouldn’t be? Our professional, efficient and humane service will remove colonies from your property. 14 years of experience.

Live HoneyBees

Buy live honeybees to launch or expand your beekeeping trade! We sell premium stock Italian queens, Carniolan queens and nucs

Bee Nutrition & Pest Control

Everything you need to nourish your bees and keep your hive free from varroa mites and other nasty pests. We have the solution


Unique books and gifts for any occasion! From scented candles and lotions, to honey dispensers, to bee-themed T-shirts

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