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Visit Blythewood Bee Company's specialized collection of preservatives, designed to ensure the longevity and quality of your bee-related products. Our collection page offers a selection of preservatives ideal for maintaining the freshness and integrity of your honey, wax, and other bee-derived products.


  • Honey Preservatives: Help prevent fermentation and crystallization, keeping your honey smooth and perfectly pourable.
  • Wax Preservatives: Enhance the durability and appearance of beeswax products, such as candles and cosmetics.
  • Comb Protection: Solutions to keep stored honeycomb fresh and free from pests.


  • Formulations: Available in various forms including natural extracts and chemical options, allowing you to choose based on your preservation needs and preferences.
  • Application Methods: Easy-to-use solutions that can be mixed directly with products or applied to storage areas.
  • Pack Sizes: Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial producer, our products are available in sizes to suit small-scale needs and bulk applications.