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5 Frame Nucs On Sale Here

Swarm Commander Crush Vials - NEW

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Swarm Commander Swarm Crush Vials


A brand new product from Blythewood Bee Company. Swarm Commander Crush Vials are a new and easy way to bait your swarm traps. Simply remove the vial from the package. Crush the vial in the center until the internal glass vial breaks and the swarm commander fluid is released. Allow the fluid to absorb into the cotton plug. Swab the landing board of your hive as desired. After that, throw the lure into your box. Your hive will be baited for a minimum of 2 weeks (Tests Show 20 Days)

It's that simple. 


  • Swarm Commander Crush Vials - #1 Swarm  Product America
  • Swarm Commander Give You The Edge Over Lemongrass Oil
  • 5 Premium Swarm Vials Per Pack
  • Adds Just The Right Amount Of Product To Your Hive
  • 2 Year Shelf

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Used swarm commander in two swarm traps I made ..within a week have caught a large Swarm..and have bees starting to visit second trap..Will definitely be using this product in the future

Commander swarm attract

Haven't caught anything .no comments

Still Deciding Hmmm

Two years ago I used the swarm commander vials caught 13 swarms “a great yr”, last year used same virals caught 6, this yr I put out 18 boxes and using the swarm commander spray no swarm no swarms caught yet, a little disappointed in the spray. I have purchased some new virals this yr but haven’t tested them yet. Blythewood I sure hope you don’t change your mixture as I’m not to impressed in what’s going on. Always bragged on your product in the past but if no swarms are caught in a few weeks make you wonder what’s going on.

It works

After the 2nd application and 3 weeks we got our 1st swarm. Highly recommend your product!

I don’t know

I don’t get any swarm yet I can’t saying anything