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Medium Crimp Wire Foundation


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Keep Your Bees Happy And Healthy With Our Medium Crimp Wire Beeswax Foundation


  • 100% pure beeswax
  • 9 vertical wires for radiating sheet strength
  • Deep cell walls
  • Sturdy hooks


Your bees will be ultra-productive when you introduce this crimp wire beeswax foundation. This foundation has hooks, and works best divided bottom bar frames.  The crimp wire hooks are J-shaped at one end; designed to slot beneath and behind the wedge cleat of your frame to hold it securely in place. If you need additional support, cross wires can be added horizontally. Support pins can also be used. Make sure to select the size and amount of foundation you wish to purchase at checkout.

Beeswax tends to absorb toxins in beehives. To ensure that your bees are healthy, we recommend that you change out your comb every couple of years. Customers should  that we are constantly rotating our wax foundation to ensure that you get the best quality and the freshest wax. As a result, we cannot accept any returns on foundation beyond 30 days.

If you’ve already tried our crimp wire beeswax foundation and are looking to try something different, check out our Cut Comb Foundation or Acorn’s triple-waxed plastic foundation.

16 5/8 x 5 5/8 x 2/16


50 Sheets: 5.3125 LBS
10 Sheets: 1.0625 LBS
1 Sheet: 1.7 OZS

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris L.

Quick turnaround from order to shipping. Product was exactly what I was looking for. Quality foundation that was easy to install, even for a new beekeeper.

Ofelia Rivera
hard to install first time user

not sure how to install and if needed any other supplies with foundation why is not been sold as package instead that alone so is more easy to install they was breaking apart trying to install alone

Bobby Hickman

I'm not using the wire anymore. I'm going to the solid plactic cone with super frams. I may be calling you monday to order them

Richard Dellinger
Best Foundation

This is the best foundation I have ever used. It is thick and was easy to install! The bees took right to it.

Amanda Wickline
Nice product

This is really nice foundation. It was very easy to install.