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Honey Extraction and Bottling

Explore the comprehensive range of honey extraction and bottling equipment at Blythewood Bee Company, designed to streamline the process from hive to bottle. Our collection page offers everything needed for efficient honey extraction and professional bottling, suitable for both hobbyists and commercial beekeepers.


  • Extractors: Choose from manual or electric models to suit your operation's size and efficiency needs.
  • Uncapping Tools: Essential for removing the wax caps from honeycombs, available in knife, roller, and fork styles.
  • Strainers and Filters: Ensure your honey is free of impurities with our variety of fine mesh strainers and filters.


  • Bottling Tanks: Stainless steel tanks designed for ease of honey transfer and bottling.
  • Honey Jars and Containers: A wide selection of jars, bottles, and containers to showcase your honey, available in various sizes and styles.
  • Labeling Solutions: Professional labels and applicators to brand and market your honey attractively.