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Beekeeping Woodenware

Discover the robust selection of beekeeping woodenware at Blythewood Bee Company, crafted to support your beekeeping efforts with durability and functionality. Our collection page features a comprehensive range of wooden beekeeping supplies, from basic components to complete hive setups, all designed to ensure the health and productivity of your bee colonies.


  • Hive Bodies and Supers: Available in various sizes to accommodate different stages of colony growth and honey production.
  • Bottom Boards: Choose from solid or screened options to manage ventilation and protect against pests.
  • Lids and Covers: Ensure your hives are well-protected from the elements with our selection of telescoping and migratory covers.


  • Frame Types: We offer frames in both deep and medium sizes to fit your hive bodies and supers.
  • Assembly Options: Select from pre-assembled or unassembled kits, ideal for beekeepers who enjoy DIY projects or those looking for convenience.
  • Material Choices: Our woodenware is made from high-quality wood that withstands the elements and the test of time, ensuring longevity of your beekeeping equipment.
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    Original Price $15.95
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