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Honeybee Frames

Blythewood Bee Company offers a selection of plastic and wood honeybee frames to fit any budget. We offer wooden and plastic frames from industry leading brands. All our frame products are compatible with standard Langstroth beehive equipment. Time-conscious customers should look to our one-piece plastic frames that come in either black or white. If you are seeking a more traditional approach toward beekeeping, then look to our wooden honeybee frames that come in deep or medium sizes with different top and bottom bar options. Our wooden frames can be ordered as assembled or unassembled; however, we ship assembled frames only for orders of 1,000 or more. Browse below!

Selection Includes:

  • Traditional Wooden Frames: Sturdy Foundation
  • Durable Plastic Frames: Easy Maintenance
  • Foundationless Frames: Natural Comb Building
  • Wax-Coated Frames: Rapid Construction
  • Frame Nailing Jig


    Features: Fits shallow, medium, and deep frames Ensures true 90° frames Saves time and space Make Your Life Easier: Beekeeping Frame Nailing J...

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