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Shallow Crimp Wire Beeswax Foundation


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Keep Your Bees Happy With Our Shallow Crimp Wire Beeswax Foundation

Features of Shallow Crimp Wire Beeswax Foundation:

  • 100% pure beeswax
  • 9 vertical wires for radiating sheet strength
  • Deep cell walls
  • Sturdy hooks

Use of our Shallow Crimp Wire Beeswax Foundation

Your bees will be ultra-productive when you introduce them with our crimp-wire beeswax foundation and other honey bee foundation & products. This foundation has hooks and works best with divided bottom bar frames.  The crimp wire hooks are J-shaped at one end, designed to slot beneath and behind the wedge cleat of your frame to hold it securely in place. If you need additional support, cross wires can be added horizontally. Support pins can also be used. Make sure to select the size and amount of foundation you wish to purchase at checkout.

Beeswax tends to absorb toxins in beehives. To ensure that your bees are healthy, we recommend that you change out your comb every couple of years. Customers should know that we are constantly rotating our wax foundation to ensure that you get the best quality and the freshest wax. As a result, we cannot accept any returns on the foundation beyond 30 days.

If you’ve already tried our crimp wire beeswax foundation and other honey bee foundation & products and are looking to try something different, check out our Cut Comb Foundation or Acorn’s triple-waxed plastic foundation.


16.75 x 4.75 x 1/8


50 Sheets: 4.375 LBS
10 Sheets: 0.875 LBS
1 Sheet: 1.4 OZS

Guide to wiring bee frames

Wiring bee frames is essential for the durability of your hive. Start by selecting wire, typically stainless steel, and ensure you have eyelets and a wire crimper.
Insert eyelets into the holes on the side bars of the frame to prevent wire from cutting into the wood. Run the wire through the eyelets, ensuring it's straight and taut across the frame.

Use a crimper to secure and tighten the wire. Once wired, place foundation in the frame and use a spur embedder to press the wire into the wax.
The embedded wire provides support, preventing the comb from sagging or breaking when full of honey. Properly wired frames ensure a strong and productive hive.


Q1. What is the purpose of the shallow crimp wire beeswax foundation?
It acts as a base for bees to build their honeycomb, encouraging ultra-productivity in bees.

Q2. How does the crimp wire in the foundation provide support?
The foundation has nine vertical wires for stability and J-shaped hooks to securely attach it to the frame. Additional cross wires and support pins can be added.

Q3. What is the beeswax foundation made of?
It's made of 100% pure beeswax.

Q4. How often should I change the comb in my beehive?
Change the comb every couple of years as beeswax absorbs toxins.

Q5. What are the dimensions and weight of the beeswax foundation?
Dimensions: 16.75 x 4.75 x 1/8 inches. Weight: 50 sheets - 4.375 LBS, 10 sheets - 0.875 LBS, 1 sheet - 1.4 OZS.