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At Blythewood Bee Company, we understand the pivotal role that a strong, healthy queen bee plays in the success of your hive. Whether you're looking to introduce new genetics into your colony or improve your queen-rearing practices, we have everything you need to support your beekeeping endeavors.

Live Bees

Our collection of live bees, offers a variety of bee packages and nucs to start or expand your apiary. Our selection ensures a thriving start for your colonies by providing detailed information and options to help you choose the right bees for your beekeeping needs.

Queen Care and Transport Tools

Our Queen Tools are crafted from high-quality materials to ensure reliability and effectiveness. These tools assist in the stages of queen rearing, from grafting larvae to introducing new queens into hives. By utilizing our specialized equipment, you can improve the genetics and productivity of your bee colonies, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous beekeeping operation.