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Unassembled Beehive Frames

Discover our diverse range of unassembled beehive frames, meticulously crafted with precision cuts and expert milling. These top-quality frames offer the perfect solution for beekeepers eager to assemble their beehives. Our selection includes wooden unassembled frames and an assortment of bottom bars, such as wedged, grooved, and split. Precision cut and durable, these unassembled beehive frames will significantly elevate your beekeeping enjoyment. Experience the remarkable difference in our unassembled beehive frames, providing all the essentials for your journey towards beekeeping success.


  • Wooden Frames: Perfect for traditionalists looking for natural materials, available in various dimensions.
  • Plastic Frames: Offers durability and resistance to weather, ideal for long-term use.
  • Frame Kits: Include all necessary components for assembly, making it easy to build frames to your exact specifications.


  • Foundation Options: Choose frames designed for wax or plastic foundations, depending on your beekeeping style.
  • Sizes: Available in standard Langstroth, deep, and medium sizes to fit your specific hive configurations.
  • Bulk Options: Purchase in bulk for larger operations or future needs, ensuring you always have spare frames on hand.