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Live Honey Bees

Welcome to the Blythewood Bee Company's collection of live honey bees, where we offer a variety of bee packages and nucs to start or expand your apiary. Our collection page provides detailed information and options to help you choose the right bees for your beekeeping needs, ensuring a thriving start for your colonies.


  • Bee Packages: Typically containing 3 pounds of bees, including a queen, ready to be introduced to your hive.
  • Nucleus Colonies (Nucs): A small, established colony that includes frames with bees, brood, and a mated queen. Ideal for a strong start.
  • Queens: Purchase separately mated queens to introduce new genetics into your existing colonies.


  • Types of Bees: Choose from various bee strains such as Italian, Carniolan, or Russian, depending on your climate and beekeeping style.
  • Health Certification: Our bees are health-certified to ensure they are free from pests and diseases, providing a healthy start to your beekeeping venture.
  • Shipping Options: We offer safe shipping methods to ensure live delivery of your bees.