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Beekeeping Education

At Blythewood Bee Company, we're not just passionate about beekeeping, we're passionate about helping you thrive in your beekeeping journey. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned beekeeper, our resources are meticulously designed to support you every step of the way, providing the reassurance and care you need in this rewarding hobby.

Beekeeping Calendar - South Carolina

Just as bees have seasonal activities, you as a beekeeper should as well. Here's a general plan for each month of the year with activities that will keep your hive healthy and productive. Check out our Beekeeping Calendar - 12 Months of Beekeeping in South Carolina.

Dive Into Beekeeping with Our Informative Videos and Books Collections

Explore the vibrant world of beekeeping through our extensive and comprehensive collection of beekeeping videos at Blythewood Bee Company. Whether you're taking your first steps into beekeeping or you're an experienced beekeeper seeking to deepen your knowledge, our video library is packed with valuable insights and practical advice, ensuring you are well-equipped and confident in your beekeeping journey.

Check out our Informative Video Collection to start learning today.

Don't forget to check out our selection of informative books to expand your beekeeping knowledge! 

Beekeeping Classes

Dive into the fascinating world of beekeeping with our expert-led Beekeeping Classes at Blythewood Bee Company. Whether you're just beginning to explore the possibility of keeping bees or you're an experienced beekeeper looking to expand your knowledge, our classes are designed to support your growth in this rewarding hobby.


Our Beekeeping classes are designed to fit your schedule and preferences. Whether you prefer online webinars, in-person workshops, or hands-on field days, we've got you covered. Check out our Beekeeping Classes for more details and to register.


Happy beekeeping!