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Nucleus Hives

Our Nucleus Hives come fully equipped with a queen bee, worker bees, brood, honey, and pollen, all set within a smaller hive box. This setup mimics a natural hive environment, allowing easier handling and management. Ideal for establishing new colonies, these hives provide a head start by offering a pre-built, functioning mini-hive ready to flourish.

Variety and Selection: We offer a variety of Nucleus Hives tailored to meet the diverse needs of beekeepers. Choose from our range of nucs, which include different bee species, frame sizes, and hive materials:

  1. Standard 5-Frame Nucleus Hive: Ideal for most beekeeping needs, this option includes 5 frames filled with brood, bees, and a laying queen.

  2. 8-Frame Nucleus Hive: A larger option for expanding their beekeeping operations, featuring 8 frames for a more extensive initial setup.

  3. Carniolan Bee Nucleus Hive: Known for their gentle nature and winter hardiness, Carniolan bees are perfect for colder climates.

  4. Italian Bee Nucleus Hive: Popular for their prolific nature and excellent honey production, Italian bees thrive in various environments.

  5. Langstroth Nucleus Hive: Designed to fit standard Langstroth equipment, making it easy to integrate with your existing hive setup.

  6. Top Bar Nucleus Hive: Ideal for natural beekeeping enthusiasts, this option follows the top bar hive design for a more organic approach to beekeeping.

Why Choose Our Nucleus Hives?

  • Healthy, Thriving Colonies: Our nucs come with robust, healthy bees ready to build a strong colony.
  • Easy Integration: Designed to integrate seamlessly with standard beekeeping equipment.
  • Quality Assurance: Each nuc is carefully inspected to ensure the health and productivity of the bees.
  • Expert Support: Access to our beekeeping experts for guidance and support throughout your beekeeping journey.

Explore our selection of Nucleus Hives at Blythewood Bee Company and find the perfect start for your beekeeping adventure. With our high-quality nucs, you can rest assured that your new colony will have the best chance to thrive and succeed.

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