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2017 Bee Nucs for Sale Now!

Blythewood Bee Company is pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for our high-quality Carniolian Nucs from Upstate New York. This season we will be bringing a total of 200 NUCS so get your order in early. Our supplier is SOLD OUT and won’t have any more available until next year.

2017 Bee Nucs for Sale: Start Your Hive on the Right Foot

The delivery dates for these orders can change. The first load of 100 is set to deliver on 4-14, April 14th. The second load of NUCS will deliver 4-28, April 28th. The bees will be delivered early in the morning.

These Carniolan NUCS will come in a Jester Bee EZ-Nuc along with a queen that is mated and laying with 5 frames total. All frame are Acorn Brand foundation.

The cost of each NUC is $150.00. Please visit our Sales Page for more information on ordering. 

What Are Carnolians?

The Carnolian bee is the subspecies of the Western honey bee that has naturalized and adapted to the Kočevje(Gottschee) sub-region of Carniola (now in Slovenia), the southern part of the Austrian Alps, Dinarides region, southern Pannonian plain and the northern Balkans. These bees are known as Carniolans, or “Carnies” for short, in English. At present this subspecies is the second most popular among beekeepers (after the Italian bee).

Why Carnolians?

Carniolan Honeybees are considered a very gentle honeybee and can be kept in populated areas. Their sense of orientation and direction is considered much better than the Italian Honeybee. The Carniolan Honeybee is also considered to drift between hive less. This is of benefit because it can help keep the population stable and less susceptible to varroa mite infestation transferring between hives. Carniolans are also known to be less likely to rob other hives that are in an existing apiary. Carniolans are better at overwintering in smaller number compared to the Italian strain of honeybee and can endure longer winters far better. This is beneficial for colder environments that exist in the northern states. Carniolans typically adapt to a rapidly changing environment well.

Carniolans typically have a lower use of propolis and are resistant to brood diseases. They will typically leave earlier in the morning and return later in the evenings which increases stores. Carniolians also tend to live about 12% longer than other breeds.


Carniolan Honeybees are far more prone to swarm if overcrowding exists. It’s important to make sure you give them all the room they need due to the fact that they are hardy builders. They can surprise you with rapid expansion during a flow. The strength of their brood nest relies heavily on the amount of pollen entering the hive. If your area is low on pollen resources it best to make sure to give your hive a good pollen substitute.



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