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Assembled Bee Brood Chamber & Bee Super Kits

Our assembled bee brood chamber and bee super kits are effective solutions to expand upon your preexisting hives. Our brood and super kits are manufactured using durable, select-grade southern yellow pine wood to withstand the elements. Our super kits feature Acorn plastic beeswax foundation, the best foundation available, which utilizes Acorn’s triple waxing technique, causing your bees to accept it immediately and start producing delicious honey. Explore our collection of assembled bee brood chamber and bee super kits below to find effective solutions to grow your beehive efficiently. To learn more about successful beekeeping techniques and activities, visit our educational information drop-down menu at the top of the page to find helpful videos, classes, and calendars.


  • Brood Chambers: Pre-assembled units where the queen lays eggs and brood is reared, crucial for colony growth.
  • Honey Supers: Ready-to-install supers for honey storage, making it easier to manage honey production during peak seasons.
  • Combination Kits: Offers both brood chambers and supers together, providing a seamless solution for expanding your hive vertically.


  • Material Options: Constructed from high-quality wood for durability and long-term use.
  • Size Variations: Available in multiple sizes to fit various hive types, including Langstroth standards.
  • Frame Inclusions: Each chamber and super come with frames and foundations, ready for immediate bee occupation.