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Assembled Frames with Plastic Foundation for Bee Frames

Explore our collection of assembled frames with durable plastic foundations for bee frames. Choose top-notch quality for your beekeeping needs.

Welcome to the premier destination for beekeepers seeking to enhance their hives' productivity and health—Blythewood Bee Company. Our assembled plastic foundation for bee frames is engineered for durability, ease of use, and optimal bee health, making it an essential addition to any hive. 


  • Pre-assembled Frames: Ready to use upon arrival, saving you time and effort in hive setup.
  • Integrated Plastic Foundation: Ensures consistent comb structure with added durability against breakage.
  • Variety of Cell Sizes: Available in standard sizes to promote healthy bee development and honey production.


  • Colors: Choose from black or white to best suit your hive management practices. Black foundations make it easier to see eggs and larvae, while white foundations are preferred for honey storage.
  • Frame Compatibility: Compatible with standard Langstroth hives, offering flexibility for various beekeeping systems.
  • Pack Sizes: Available in multiple quantities, from small packs for hobbyists to bulk packs for commercial beekeepers.