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Bee Hive Kits for Beginners - 10 Frame Deluxe Beginner Beekeeping Kit


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Our 10 Frame Beekeeping Starter Kit is the Ultimate Package for Beginner Beekeepers

This 10-frame deluxe beekeeping starter kit comes fully assembled. All you have to do is paint it and add a package of honeybees. This kit includes the following pieces of hive equipment and additional accessories.

Our bee hive kits for beginners equipment:

  • Screened bottom board with insert
  • Wooden entrance feeder (jar not included)
  • Entrance reducer
  • 2 brood chambers
  • Wooden and metal queen excluder
  • 20 deep frames with Acorn plastic foundation
  • 2 medium honey supers
  • 20 medium frames with Acorn plastic foundation
  • Inner cover
  • Telescoping lid

Protective Clothing:

  • Bee Shield Canvas Jacket With Veil
  • Leather Beekeeping Gloves

The screened bottom board is the base of your hive and will hold above it the brood chamber and honey supers. The screen provides ventilation for the hive during hot months. An insert to close up the bottom board is included.

The wooden entrance feeder is perfect for feeding your bees during the spring and when there’s a shortage of nectar in midsummer or late fall. The reversible entrance reducer prevents other hives by allowing you to decrease the size of your hive entrance during the winter and when flower nectar is scarce.

It also prevents other hives. The brood chamber is where the queen will lay most of her young. Our brood chamber is made from yellow pine, which is far more durable than white pine. It also is free of knots or defects. The wooden and metal queen keeps the queen from getting into your honey supers to lay eggs, making it much easier to gather honey after the spring flow.

The deep wooden frames and medium wooden frames are select grade and include Acorn’s “triple waxed” Plastic Foundation, which is the best in the industry. Bees also love it and accept it well. The honey super – or feeder chamber – is where the bees will store honey for winter. This honey super is also made from yellow pine, and – just like the brood chamber – it has no knots or defects.

The inner cover is insulated and also will keep the bees from “gluing” down the telescoping lid It’s made from yellow pine and 1/4 plywood. The telescoping lid sits on top of the hive. It’s heavy-duty, and it protects your hive from the elements.

Additional Accessories:

  • Small smoker
  • Steel hive tool
  • Bee brush
  • Cool shield beekeeping jacket
  • Protective gloves
  • Copy of “Beekeeping for Dummies”

The stainless steel smoker with leather bellows is easy to light and guaranteed to give you years of use. The hive tool is an invaluable accessory for beekeepers; you can use it to lift frames, open covers, and scrape wax, and Propolis. The bee brush will help you gently sweep bees from frames you need to inspect.

Our cool shield beekeeping jackets are custom-made and come with an attached veil. It will keep you calm and cool in all working conditions. Our elbow-length beekeeping gloves are made of soft goat skin and will protect your hands from stings. Customers who purchase our 8-frame deluxe beekeeping starter kit will also receive the latest edition of “Beekeeping for Dummies,” a handy resource and guide.

Please note some items, such as the smoker and hive tool, may not arrive exactly as pictured due to stock changes. The quality, however, will be exactly the same, guaranteed!


Weight 65 lbs

Dimensions 26 × 26 × 40 in