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Honeybee Hive Box Expansion Kits

Once you have mastered the basics and are looking to expand your operation, consider investing in Blythewood Bee Company honeybee hive box expansion kits. They are designed to sit upon your existing standard Langstroth beehive box. Our expansion kits arrive to you fully assembled for immediate deployment; all that’s needed is a touch of paint and honeybees. We offer eight- or ten-frame honeybee hive box expansion kits that come with select-grade deep and medium frames that feature Acorn plastic foundations. Bees are an important part of every ecosystem; Blythewood Bee Company strives to support beekeepers help their colonies flourish.


  • Hive Expansion Kits: These kits include additional supers, frames, and foundation needed to increase your hive's capacity for brood and honey.
  • Brood Box Kits: Expand your hive's brood area to support a growing colony, ensuring ample space for your queen to lay and the colony to thrive.
  • Super Add-Ons: Specifically designed to add more honey storage space, these supers come ready with frames and foundations.


  • Material Choices: Available in durable wood or lightweight synthetic materials, depending on your preference and environmental considerations.
  • Frame Options: Choose from pre-assembled or unassembled frames to suit your level of DIY skill and time availability.
  • Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with existing hive setups, particularly Langstroth-style hives.