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Honey Testing & Grading

Explore the dedicated collection of pure honey testing and grading equipment at Blythewood Bee Company, specifically designed to ensure the quality and purity of your honey. Our collection page offers beekeepers a range of tools and kits essential for accurately assessing honey characteristics, which is vital for maintaining product standards and consumer trust.


  • Refractometers: Essential for measuring the moisture content of honey, ensuring it falls within the ideal range for purity and shelf stability.
  • Color Grading Scales: Determine the precise color of honey, which can affect its market value and consumer perception.
  • Purity Kits: Test for the presence of additives or dilution, confirming the honey’s authenticity and adherence to quality standards.


  • Manual and Digital Tools: Choose from traditional manual devices or opt for digital instruments for enhanced accuracy and ease of use.
  • Portable Options: Compact and portable testing tools are available, perfect for use in the field or small-scale operations.
  • Comprehensive Testing Kits: Some kits include multiple testing tools, providing a full suite of resources to assess various aspects of honey quality.