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Bee Hive Brood - 10 Frame Brood Chamber Kits Assembled


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Start Your Beehive with Blythewood's 10-Frame Brood Chamber Kit

Product Description for our 10 Frame Bee Hive Brood

Embark on your beekeeping adventure with our ready-to-use 10-frame brood chamber kit from Blythewood Bee Company. Arriving fully assembled, all you need to add is a splash of paint and a swarm of bees to get started!


  • All-in-one kit: Everything you need to begin your bee colony, including a 10-frame brood chamber and 10 sturdy wooden frames.
  • Superior quality materials: Crafted with select grade Southern yellow pine and Acorn’s industry-leading heavy-waxed plastic foundation.
  • Effortless setup: Arrives fully assembled; just add your preferred paint and bees.
  • Choose your foundation: Opt for Acorn’s plastic beeswax foundation in either black or white. We recommend black for easier spotting of larvae.

Our brood chamber, the hive's heart, is durable, and made from select-grade Southern yellow pine. The included select-grade wooden frames feature Acorn's heavy-waxed plastic foundation, a top choice in the industry. This foundation serves as the base for building honeycombs, and Acorn's exceptional waxing technique ensures immediate acceptance by your bees.

So, are you ready to start your beekeeping journey with an easy, reliable solution? With Blythewood Bee Company's 10-frame brood chamber kit, you're just a few steps away from becoming a successful beekeeper. Order yours today!