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8 Frame Beehive Expansion Kit


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This 8-frame beehive expansion kit comes fully assembled. All you have to do is paint it and add a package of honeybees. This kit includes the following pieces of equipment:

  • Screened bottom board
  • Entrance reducer
  • Deep brood chamber
  • Honey super
  • 8 deep frames with Acorn plastic foundation
  • Inner cover
  • Telescoping lid
  • 8-frame beehive expansion kit

Our 8-Frame Beehive Kit Has Everything You Need and More

The screened bottom board is the base of your hive and will hold the brood chamber and honey supers above. The screen is placed in the bottom for ventilation of the hive during hot months. The screened bottom board is the base of your hive and will hold above it the brood chamber and honey supers. The screen provides ventilation for the hive during hot months. The reversible entrance reducer prevents robbing from other hives by allowing you to decrease the size of your hive entrance during the winter and when flower nectar is scarce. The deep brood chamber is made from heavy-duty yellow pine and will last for years. The honey super – or feeder chamber – is where the bees will store honey for winter. This honey super is also made from yellow pine, and – just like the brood chamber – it has no knots or defects. The deep wooden frames are select grade and include Acorn’s “triple waxed” Plastic Foundation, which is the best in the industry. Bees also love it and accept it well. The inner cover is insulated and also will keep the bees from “gluing” down the telescoping lid with propolis. It’s made from yellow pine and 1/4 plywood. The telescoping lid sits on top of the hive. It’s heavy-duty, and it protects your hive from the elements.


Weight 60 lbs

Dimensions 26 × 26 × 40 in