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Bee Lively Honey Bee Pollen Patties | With Feeding Stimulant - 10pk


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Boost your honey bee colonies' health and productivity with our Bee Lively pollen patties. Nourish your bees with our feeding honey bee pollen patties!

Product Description:

Unveiling our Bee Lively Pollen Pattie with Feeding Stimulant - a powerhouse of nutrients designed for the wellbeing of your bee colony. This unique blend not only offers the necessary nutrition but also stimulates feeding, promoting a thriving hive environment. Each pack contains 10 patties, ready to serve straight to your buzzing family.

Features of our Bee Lively Honey Bee Pollen Patties:

  • Nutrient-rich: Our Bee Lively 15% Pollen Patties are brimming with essential nutrients that contribute to the overall health of your bees.
  • Feeding Stimulant: Each pattie is infused with a strong feeding stimulant, encouraging bees to consume more and thereby promoting colony growth.
  • Hive Performance: Providing quality nutrition leads to enhanced hive productivity, including increased brood production and a higher honey yield.
  • User-friendly: These patties are designed for hassle-free usage. Just place a Bee Lively Pollen Pattie in your hive, and watch your bees relish it.
  • 10-Pack Convenience: The Bee Lively Pollen Patties come in a handy pack of 10, ensuring you always have enough supply for your hives.

Give your bees the nutritional support they need with the Bee Lively Pollen Patties. Boost your beekeeping journey today with a more productive, healthier colony. Why wait? Order your 10-pack of Bee Lively Pollen Patties now!