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Bee Smart Ultimate Hive Uncapping Combo


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This is the Ultimate Uncapper Combo and includes both the Ultimate Uncapper and the Ultimate Comb Slicer. The cleanest and easiest method for uncapping and saving your wax cappings. You'll love it's easy of use and it's versatility. 


  • Combo Includes Uncapper and Ultimate Comb Slicer.
  • Cut up or down
  • Works with all uncapping tools
  • Drainage system direct honey and cappings into your bucket
  • Keep messes to a minimum
  • Holds Medium and shallow frames
  • Made in the United States From Recycled Materials
  • Fits any 5-6 gallon bucket with or without a strainer or filter bag. Deep grooved for stability
  • Lightweight with a built-in handhold
  • Smooth surface cleans up easily
  • Stores easily in the bucket after use.