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Beetle Blocker Shim

Hive Type

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Block Hive Beetles For Good With Clark’s Beetle Blocker Shim


  • High efficacy rate
  • 6 flange holes
  • Aids winter ventilation
  • Made of cypress wood with aluminum inserts


    Clark’s Beetle Blocker Shim is a brand new pest prevention product invented by Clark Taplin. This is the last product you’ll ever need to buy to not only fight beetles, but to keep them out of your hive for good. This unique product exploits the weakness of the hive beetle; its inflexible exoskeleton. Being hard, brittle, and rigid, the hive beetle can’t negotiate certain angles or turn certain radii. By structuring the Beetle Blocker wall with 6 holes of ‘flanged’ or concave design, these beetles suddenly have an incredibly difficult time entering your hives. Hive traps are all well and good, but why not exclude hive beetles altogether. Make sure to select your hive type at checkout.

    If you’re looking for a more cost-effective pest control solution, check out our Hive Beetle Trap Oil and Cutt’s Beetle Blaster.


    10 Frame
    Weight 1.5 lbs
    Dimensions 20 × 16.25 × .75 in

    8 Frame
    Weight 1.5 lbs
    Dimensions 20 × 13.75 × .75 in

    5 Frame
    Weight 1.15 lbs
    Dimensions 20 × 9.5 × .75 in

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Eric Kimmel
    good product that works

    this time it appears the price went up andshipping is also expensive. the first time a bought the 5 and 10 frame shims the 5 frame costs less than the 10 frame. not sure if this is a pricing error or a price change. I need to buy 5 more 10 frame and a couple more 5 frame shims but it may be better for me to punch out the aluminum myself and copy them