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Best Square Bee Veil


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  • Protects the entire head and neck
  • "Cinch" Cord Included
  • Fits snug around beekeeping hats and helmets
  • 10-mesh woven wire provides good visibility
  • Easily folds flat for storage

    Our Best Square Bee Veil Provides 360-degree Protection for Your Head


    Our Best square bee veil is the perfect accessory to add to your existing beekeeping hat. An elastic seal around the top of the veil ensures it will fit snug around the brim of your hat, and an included drawstring allows you to tighten the bottom of the veil around your neck. It's not only great for protecting your face from bees; you can wear this veil to protect your face from mosquitos and flies. You also can easily detach the veil from your hat, ensuring your neck and face are protected from the sun if you don't need to cover your face. Fortunately, the 10-mesh woven wire on our best square bee veil makes it easy to see. And when you're not using the veil, it folds flat for easy storage. This veil fits most adults and older children. If you're in need of a hat, check out our beekeeping safari pith hat.


     Weight .3 lbs

    Dimensions 11.5 x 9.5 x 1 in