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Ceracell Opaque Covers For Round Comb Honey - 16 Each


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Ceracell Opaque Covers for Round Comb Honey - 16 Pack

Preserve and showcase your round comb honey with these durable and attractive Ceracell opaque covers. These covers are specifically designed for round comb honey containers, providing a secure and professional finish to your honey packaging.


  • Made from high-quality, food-grade materials
  • Designed to fit round comb honey containers perfectly
  • Easy to snap on and remove
  • Helps maintain freshness and protect your honey from contaminants


These Ceracell opaque covers are the perfect solution for sealing your round comb honey containers. Simply snap the cover onto the container, and it will provide a secure and tight seal, keeping your comb honey fresh and protected from external contaminants. The covers are easy to remove, allowing you or your customers to enjoy the honey with minimal effort. Choose these high-quality Ceracell covers to enhance the presentation and preservation of your delicious round comb honey.