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Ceracell Round Comb Clip (Pair)

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Do you want to increase the value of your honey crop by 30%?


Introducing the round comb clip, the round comb clip attaches 2 round comb frames together to perfectly fit in your standard full depth honey Super (deep). The full depth box comfortably fits 8 paired up sets of round comb frames. How does this benefit you? Well round comb upfront capital cost tended to be high with you requiring a custom super, but having this clip you no longer need a custom super, metal springs etc you only need a full depth box which every beekeeper has.


We at Ceracell like thinking outside the box, we have turned a high capital, typically hobbyist product, into a commercially viable product at an affordable price. Round comb honey typically fetches up to 30% more than your standard liquid honey out of a jar. Comb honey is viewed as a clean, green and raw honey from your hive which customers here and abroad are willing to pay a premium for.


Alternatively, you can also put in standard frames if you wish to have a 50:50 honey crop, 50 % liquid honey from your standard frame and the other 50% round comb honey or mix and match to your liking. A great way to increase your product range from the standard jarred honey with a cost-effective mechanism to also supply round comb. Differentiate yourself from your competition at a fraction of the normal cost


Round comb honey typically fetches up to 30% more than your standard liquid honey out of a jar. The great thing about round comb honey is there is no extraction needed, it simply stays in the white rings, slides out effortlessly and is placed in the round comb jars provided by Ceracell, no need for expensive extraction rooms or high contract extractions of capped frames, save on the capital investment and save on the extraction for a higher value product. Win Win!!


Imagine Round Comb Manuka honey, Rewarewa honey, Clover honey the world is your oyster with Round Comb Honey.


Price is for a set pair of Clips

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The Ceracell round comb clips fit the round comb frames I bought from the makers of said round comb frames in Canandaigua NY.

Linus Ritter
fast delivery

looks great I will love it

Frank Serna
Ceracell Round

Looks great, can’t wait to give it a try!

Stephen Snitchler
These are great!

These Comb Clips make it easy to se equipment I already own to maximize the rounds I am looking to produce. This is an awesome solution and provides a simple tool to make Rounds a reality.

Donald Wells
My only option

These comb clips were my only option to be able to have Ross Rounds since I have a horizontal hive configuration, Long Langstroth 31 frames. Perfect timing for release of this product. I got these after the Spring flow and this is my first year as a backyard bee keeper so I did not use them this year due to small colony size. I started with no comb and a package of bees. ( no plastic foundation either ) After the bees have built out comb in more frames I will put them into action, I look forward to that ! I hope all goes well through my first winter.