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Ceracell / Ross Round Honeycomb Frames - 2x Frame Halves


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Round Honeycomb Frames

Specifically designed for modified round honeycomb frame supers, these frames offer an optimized structure for bee comb building. Suitable for setups such as Ross Rounds or Ceracell Round Comb Kits and compatible with Ceracell Double Decker Frame Clips.

Important Details:

  • Compatibility: Ideal for use with modified round honeycomb frame supers like Ross Rounds or Ceracell Round Comb Kits.
  • Ceracell Double Decker Frame Clips: Works seamlessly with these clips, eliminating the need for special super boxes.
  • Not For Standard Langstroth Supers: Due to their unique shape and size tailored for ideal comb building, these frames DO NOT fit standard Langstroth supers.

For an in-depth look at the modified super and its features, explore the Ceracell Round Comb Honey Super Kit.